One Price -Your Choice

 Silver Sage Stock offers you a One-time Rights license to any image you select at one price. You can purchase a front cover image for the same price as a quarter page insert. Silver Sage Stock offer two file versions and two purchasing methods for every image.

One-time Rights License Pricing

The first method of payment is by direct download from the site. Images that are directly downloaded are at a resolution of 100 ppi and are in .jpeg format. Each downloadable .jpeg image is $45.00 per image. If you are in need of a higher resolution (300 ppi) .tiff file, you will need to contact us and we will send it to you via disc, ftp upload or over email (if not too large). Higher resolution .tiff files are $120.00 each.

Other Licenses

If a One-time Rights License is not appropriate for your project, please fill out the Managed Rights Image Quote Request form and Contact us and we can provide you a quote that will meet your needs.

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