Silver Sage Stock photographers are hand selected to contributue to this website. Each bring a unique look at the outdoor world. All of our photographers have been published in books, magazines, calendars, corporate gifts, websites, etc. and have years of in-field expirience. To learn more about our contributing photographers, please scroll down.

Dick Hancock

 Dick Hancock was born in Tacoma, Washington. In 1986, Dick began working as a professional wildlife photographer. His photographs have been published by outdoor and travel magazines, such as Field & Stream; Bugle, the quarterly journal of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation; Alaska Airlines Magazine; Bowhunter; and Chase, Boone & Crockett's quarterly magazine.

20 million people viewed Dick's photography on NBC Nightly News, with Tom Brokaw. A special feature has been looped of him and his Signature Series work on the Comcast channel. His Signature Series has been featured in retail locations such as Costco and other retail locations. 

Dick has traveled the world in pursuit of new and unique wildlife images. His travels have taken him from Alaska to Texas, and into Canada and Africa. His extensive travel is apparent through the diversity of images he offers. He has an intimate knowledge and relationship with his subject matter, as well as, compositional skill and technical mastery of his medium.

To see Dick's fine art work in his Signature Series you can visit his website at

Nathan Hardebeck 

Nathan Hardebeck is a Washington State native. He took an interest in wildlife photography at the age of 12. He began his professional career at age 19 and studied under the tutelage of Dick Hancock.

He is a published photographer and author. His work has been included in Bugle, Bowhunter, Petersen's Bowhunting, Stormwater Solutions, Erosion Control and others. He gives informational and business development seminars. His work is hung in many homes, lodges and corporate offices.

Nathan's travels have taken him all over North America and Africa in pursuit of images. In addition to photography, Nathan is an avid fisherman.

To see Nathan Hardebeck's fine art gallery, please visit www.hardebeckphotography .com

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