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Welcome to Silver Sage Stock photography!

This is a photo stock house devoted to outdoor photography. The images represent a collection developed by a group of hand-picked photographers specializing in outdoor photography ranging from wildlife to architectural. All of the contributing photographers have been published and have years of photography experience.

We offer One-time Rights Licenses on all of our images at the same price. That means you can buy a cover image for the same price as a quarter page insert. If your project requires other licenses (Rights-managed, Royalty-free,etc.) we are happy to provide you a quote that meets your needs (see Terms and Conditions page).

Images are categorized in the Galleries by subject matter, such as Mammals, People and Life, Background, Architecture, Plants, and many more. Please click the "Gallery" button to view the images and the "Menu" button to find specific pages about the site. If you don't find the exact image you are looking for in a gallery, make sure to "Search" as some images may be in other galleries. You can search for images using search terms, by photographer or by most recent posts (ex. "11.09" for November of 2009). To search for images with more than one search term (ex. elk in snow), you would search on the following:

+elk +snow

Exclusion searches also work, for example if you wanted elk images WITHOUT snow, you would search for:

+elk -snow

The "Lightbox" button will enable you to store up to 500 of your favorite images from this site. Upon your return to the site you can view the images you have stored in the Lightbox.

To use the Lightbox you will need to create an account by clicking on the "Sign In" button and then click on "Register".

If you have any comments or questions, you can reach us by clicking on the "Menu" button and then select "Contact".

Thank you for visiting Silver Sage Stock photography!



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